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We help researchers discover their Danube Swabian ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyle.  

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This group mailing list represents Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, Inc. [], a non-profit volunteer organization assisting researchers of Danube Swabian heritage.  It is a bilingual English-German mailing list for anyone with an interest in the former Danube Swabian (ethnic German) villages situated in the seven regions which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918:  Banat, Batschka, Hungarian Highlands, Sathmar, Swabian Turkey, Syrmia, Slavonia, and Bulgaria. We help researchers discover their Danube Swabian ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyle.  We encourage our listers to ask questions, provide information and share discoveries.

Our mail list was created in 2003 to be the medium between the DVHH administration, volunteers-to-researchers and members worldwide.  Our primary focus is researching family history, but is not limited to, DVHH-related announcements: introducing new members, volunteers, publications, book releases and social events, thus functioning as a home base for Danube Swabians to post inquiries and share reliable resources for researchers worldwide. Our secondary focus is to promote and support the website. If you wish to submit items to be considered for publication, contact the publisher at    

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not to be confused with email listers/subscribers). As a DVHH Member, you can take pride in helping to support our online archives and making it possible for us to develop new programs to preserve our heritage. All membership fees are annual, are 100% tax deductible, and contribute in a profound way to offset our basic operating costs. Join Today!

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Facebook Group - Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, Inc. Facebook Group founded in 2010, private. We help descendants of the German ethnic group "Danube Swabians" discover their ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyles.

Website: - open to all, also known as our ARCHIVES, all aspects of  the Donauschwaben life, a stunning amount of information.

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